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Welcome to the IWKA webshop

In our webshop you can find several products for Kung Fu. The webshop contains the original IWKA Kung Fu clothes and certifications. Furthermore you can find DVD’s and books in the shop. Everything you need to become a Kung Fu master is right here in the IWKA webshop.

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Latest news

Second edition of Sifu Sergio's book is out now

The second edition of my book cover is out now. It's completely rewritten, in hardcover, with some new added info, and lot…

Sifu Sergio Summercamp 2017

Summercamp 2017 is coming! From 1 till 3 september Sifu Sergio Summercamp is in Loano in Italy. On 11 and 12 november 2017…

Women's self-defense seminar

Women's self-defense seminar in Amsterdam. No experience required and all ages welcome!